WPL13 End of Season Report

Congratulations to our NPL U13 girls, their coaches, and their wonderful support network of family and friends.


Kids and sport are a great mix, and this year our NPL U13 girls have built healthy minds, healthy bodies, friendships and life skills. They’ve had the chance to experience emotional highs and lows in a safe and structured environment. They’ve learned to be a part of a team, winning well, bouncing back from losses and coping with unpleasant experiences. They’ve figured out how important it is to try hard and never give up. They have worked together in a positive and encouraging atmosphere, connected through physical activity and learned to be confident in themselves and their team. They’ve increased their resilience and learned to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep on going.


Soccer has a gentle side, with light, dancing feet and weaving skill, but it also requires stamina and guts. It has been great to watch the girls go shoulder to shoulder with their opponents, tackling hard, heading balls, and aggressively chasing their rivals down. Win or lose, these girls worked until the end, and every weekend they walked off the pitch with their heads held high. Then every Tuesday and Thursday back they came, to work on their fitness, their knowledge and their technical ability.


The girls were sad to say goodbye to their coach, Chris Yip-Au, who built the girls as individuals and brought them together as a team. When Michele Biscotti took over the girls continued to put in great effort and grew as players. Thank you also to Ian, who encouraged the team to have high expectations of themselves. His program has focused not just on the soccer, but also the education and the development of the players. Ian – it’s with great disappointment that we say goodbye to you too. Please know that your efforts on behalf of our amazing girls are very much appreciated.


According to a series of studies, a whopping 90% of women at the top of their industry were sporty as teenagers, because they learned at a young age that it is acceptable to compete aggressively, that success does not depend on how they look, and that it’s acceptable to take pleasure in winning—our girls are well on their way!

Written by Manager Tamara

WPL13 2019.jpeg