Refereeing with Monaro Panthers

Referee Coordinator: Sam MacDonald -

We are the MPFC Referee Team….. Like everyone in the Monaro family, referees are passionate about football and we are lucky enough to have a great referee team made up of players past and present who have represented Monaro or played across Australia in NPL, WPL, Community and Masters leagues, amongst others. Some have even represented as referees at the national junior level. We work together and learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, are passionate about the club, and seek to have fun.

Becoming a Referee:  New referees are welcome any time however most qualifications and skills refresher courses are run between February and April each year in preparation for the new season and all registrations, courses and training are managed through the Capital Football Referee team.

You can visit for details but if you have questions or would like to speak to someone about the role and realities of refereeing, please contact the referee coordinator at

Alternatively, please contact Capital Football Referee Administrator Adam Powers at to register your interest for future courses.

Referee Resources: For more information on the Laws of the Game, Capital Football Competition rules and regulations, training guides and upcoming events as well as contacts, these can also be found at

Weekly Referee Roster: The Junior Community season starts on 4th May 2018. The community league game allocation is released weekly on Tuesday evenings (as a draft) and again on Thursday evenings in its final format. If there are ever any clashes, omissions or mistakes, please contact the Referee Coordinator via email as soon as possible at

Game Payments:

  • Mini Roos (U8-9s): Game Leaders are paid by the Referee Coordinator or representative at completion of the matches. Referees will be advised weekly who this will be and should look for them at the David Madew Canteen or Merchandise stand.

  • U10s – U18s Community League: fees are paid at the time of the match by the home and away clubs (1/2 the total fees each). Clubs are to cover the Centre Referee and any official Assistant Referees (AR or linesman). The schedule of match fees can be found in the Referee handbook at

  • Premier league fixtures: Referees for NPL, WPL and JPL matches are allocated by Capital Football. Fees are paid by Capital Football via the Unchained app.

Tournaments: The NSR Kanga Cup is scheduled for Sunday 7 July 2019 to Friday 12 July 2019 – Registrations are not yet open.

  • See the Referee Registration information at the NSR Kanga Cup website.

  • Cash is pretty good for this event – some refs have earned upwards of $300 for a few days work!

Need more information: Contact Sam Macdonald at for information about refereeing at Monaro Panthers.

Remember Football is a game played with RESPECT….  No doubt like any great players they make mistakes – some go unnoticed, others not so – but remember they are there also to celebrate the game they love, like you. So next time have the opportunity to you cheer or play for your team, and celebrate a win or lament the loss, take 2 mins to thank the referee for being there too.


Need more information: Contact Sam Macdonald at for information about refereeing at Monaro Panthers.