Coaching at MPFC

‘Coaches at all levels play a crucial role in ensuring that football is an enjoyable experience for everyone, as well as laying the foundation for the development of better players.’

At MPFC we have a strong coaching team supporting our men’s, women’s and junior premier teams.

At the Miniroo’s and Junior levels, parent coaches lay the base for our younger players to develop their skills in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment.

We encourage interested parents and guardians to consider coaching.  The help of volunteers to undertake this valuable role is essential.  For those who haven’t undertaken this role before, there are courses and resources available through Capital Football, together with Football Federation Australia, for both Community Coaches and Advanced Coaches.

The Community Courses are short, affordable and locally available courses for those coaching local amateur teams whereas the Advanced Courses are long, intensive courses aimed at those who intend to become Professional Coaches.