Miniroos Information

Game Format

U6-U9 play a small-sided game with less players on a smaller field. Games starts with 4 v 4 in U6s and ends with 7 v 7 in U9s. This means the players have more ‘time on the ball’, more shots on goal, more 1 v 1 opportunities, more time to learn and improve their skills which means more time actually participating and having fun.

Training and games are about fun and a love for the game therefore they are non-competitive and while they play against another team in a round robin situation there is no league table and no finals.  Teams are usually based on friendship groups or school groups and are not graded in any way.

The rules for small-sided games are simplified so that they are easy to understand for both children and volunteers.  More complex rules such as off-side are brought into the game as the children get older.



Each team needs a ‘parent organiser’ (a grassroots coach).  Their role is to create an environment where the child can discover football and enjoy playing.  At this stage of a player’s development, we are not looking for ‘coaches’ as much as parents organisers who can provide the best atmosphere for the kids to learn the game.

For more information about becoming a grassroots coach, click here. The club will reimburse you the grassroot coaching fee, so please contact the Registrar. At this stage, the club does not train grassroot coaches.

Each team will also need a manager who will help with coordination and communication, ensuring parents know what is going on, helping parents understand what is required of them, ensuring players have equal time on the field and supporting the ‘parent organiser’ as required.



Referees are introduced at U8. The main role of the referee across the discovery program years is to help the game flow with minimal stoppages and to instruct players on the basics of on-field play such as how to behave or what the rules are.

It is important that parents of the teams playing under a referee set an example of respect and offer their full support to referees and their decisions. Most of these referees are young players who are learning a new skill. Your encouragement of the referees is appreciated.



In general, if a child is turning 6 in the current year they play in U6, if a player turns 7 they play in U7, a player turning 8 in U8 and a player turning 9 in U9. There are exceptions to every rule but this is the best guide.



2016 fees will be $165.00 per player.  The following expense structure supports the MPFC U6-U9 Discovery Program.


Capital Football Fees

Referee Fees

Ground Hire


Presentation Day

First Aid


Infrastructure Levy


Mandatory fee charged by Capital Footballl to cover player insurance.

Supports refereeing fees for U8-U9 Games.

Qbn Council ground hire fees (Winter Season 2016). Training and matches

Covers one pair of socks, shorts and playing jersey

Supports presentation day (Sept 2016) costs – trophies, rides, and refreshments Etc…

Supports first aid and supplies.

Supports on going MPFC equipment costs. (e.g. Balls/bibs/cones)

To support MPFC future infrastructure requirements.e.g. Development of Wright Park field